About Rosi


Meet Rosi!

Art has always been a true passion of mine since a small child. I create items from new and old materials for a unique finished product. I opened Rosi’s Cottage Treasures to the public September 10, 2012 while being currently employed full time.  I have been with the same company for the past 31 years. Prior to the store I have made many items as gifts for friends and family along with Craft Shows. The difficult part is deciding on which project to start first. Nothing makes me happier when I see someone pick up an item I created with a big smile on their face, which is the best feeling in the world. I have been blessed with this talent and wanted to share my talent for everyone to enjoy.  I am a wife and mother of two grown boys.


More Fun Facts!
In my down time I enjoy decorating our home and spending time with my family.

I am a true Basset Hound lover and own a Basset named Lily.

I am a self taught gardener that loves to create beautiful outdoor spaces. I find true joy with the peacefulness of having a cup of coffee and watching all of gods creatures enjoying the space with me.